3 Ecommerce Websites Design Trends You Must Follow in 2018

Are you familiar with the newest trends in the market? Here are 3 ecommerce websites design trends you must take into consideration in 2018!

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In 2018, ecommerce sites will be mobile websites and we cannot really argue about this. Web designers may start to think of the website design as digital and mobile and adjust the design to desktop screens and larger laptops or tablets.

Website design is a passive sequence. A popular or influential website such as Amazon, Apple or Google will introduce a certain design concept and web designers will use the concept soon after. This is how things work in the online world. Or perhaps a user pattern will change and web designers will seek to find a new way to respond and learn from what other web designers have done.

When we describe website design trends for a specific year, let’s say for this year, we are really trying to get a closer picture of the current situation of website design and imagine what elements or aspects of the situation will continue to grow.

The most important change, could be in how web designers think about their personal designs. Previously, when we thought about an ecommerce site, we all tended to imagine in a desktop form. As you know, the responsive mobile view of the website was the revolutionary change.

In this article, we are going to discuss other revolutionary ecommerce websites design trends or trends you must follow in 2018:

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1. Web design is mobile design 

 There is no doubt that ecommerce website design has significantly evolved. If you have read a blog post or article about design trends, you probably have heard about adaptive or responsive design. The idea behind this design is to transform the website desktop design so it could be suitable for mobile devices. Over time, this new design was promoted. Web designers, in some situations, put mobile design higher on the scale, even though they still think of the website as a desktop version. This year, for many online stores, most website visitors use mobile devices to purchase products or service online which means that websites will be forced to design for mobile and made adaptive or responsive websites suitable for larger screens.

2. Material design impact development and growth


In 2014, Google presented a Material Design motif, on Android smart devices. This motif was a way for Google to control or at least influence how Android apps look and behave. It showed that Material Design was a spontaneous way to lay out an ecommerce site or a mobile app. Today, a lot of ecommerce websites have adopted the trend of card-like layouts and responsive transitions and animations, and we are almost sure that this trend will continue in the next year.

3. The return of the GIF 


Yes, it is true, the animated GIFs will be making a comeback in 2018, but in a more subtle form known as cinemagraph. For those who are unfamiliar with this term – it is a still photo, a photo to which a tiny, repeating animation has been added. It is like a mini-video presentation and it is definitely fun and eye-catching. GIFs or cinemagraphs appear as category headers, background images, homepage banners, and product images. The time will tell of GIFs maximize conversions and engagements or if they are just a simple fad.

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